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One of the ways an indie author such as myself can market our work is to upload it to a service called Smashwords. I had already taken the initiative to put my short horror story, La Sinistre, on Kindle, Kobo, and iBooks, plus you can buy and download the PDF right here as well, but Smashwords also opens you up to another realm of sales that I hadn't had access to before.

The only reason I first came across it, honestly, was because I was trying to find out how to get my story available on OverDrive. Well, turns out Smashwords does that, as well as Barnes & Noble, plus the ones I'd already self-distributed to. So, now, no matter what tablet or device you read on, if you're reading digitally, you can get my book. (Want a copy to print? Message me.)

But, that's not why I'm writing this post, actually. It's to tell you that I also have an Author Interview up on Smashwords.

It's just a little one, five questions, but it's neat to see. I hope it's the first of many! This one covers some of the basics, such as:

  • What inspires me to get out of bed? (No surprise to those who know me!)
  • Why am I an indie author?
  • How do I approach cover design?
  • What was the first story I ever wrote? and
  • What am I working on next?

It's kind of surreal to think that it's my first Author Interview. Then I remember that I wrote it myself, so it's not that exciting. Or is it?

Hell yeah, it is! Because it's still me getting myself and my work out there, which is a step in the right direction!! So if you're curious about those five questions, go have a quick read of my interview. Then let me know what you think. Comment below. Let me know if you have any questions you'd like to see answered.


Author Interview

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