Here, there, and everywhere?!

Wow. I've made some major advances this week. I can't believe it!



My short story, La Sinistre, is now live on Kindle/Amazon and Kobo, as well as here on my website.
And, any moment, it's going to be live on iBooks - it's been approved and is simply awaiting indexing. Actually, the funny thing is, it's showing up on the US iBooks store already and not yet on Canada's. Doh!



Anyway, I can't believe I'm really doing this. Putting my name out there. Here, there, and everywhere! It's terrifying and awesome and the same time.


And it's so inspiring and motivating that I'm already at work on getting my next short story ready for publication. Want to see more? You can join my Patreon insiders' community to get a sneak peek for Patrons only. It's going to be part of what is currently a top-secret already-titled short story compilation that I am creating. I love the name, I want to share it with the world, but so far only my husband and kid know what it is and they will not tell you - on penalty of death! - so don't bother asking. I imagine it's going to be one of those things where I think it's far more clever than the general public but I don't care because I'm putting it out there anyway. It's all about taking risks!


So, keep your eyes peeled for more, join my Patreon community, and let me know what you think of La Sinistre. Thanks for taking the risks with me!

Find it here, there, and everywhere!
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