I’m so hardcore

I saw this post by @PaperFury on Twitter and not only did I literally laugh out loud, but I couldn’t believe how much I identified with the description! Check it out.


Credit @paperfury on Twitter

I love this for several reasons:

1.  I hate sounding cliche. I am anything but.

2.  (Though I never forget my plot, the answer just depends on which book I’m discussing, so I might have to think for a minute!)

3.  I am authoritative when it comes to my writing. (But I am still awkward and introverted the rest of the time, especially with people I don’t know.)

4.  I actually used to own a kickass sword and I still regret that we got rid of it. Does anyone from Ontario remember the old Spanish red-swathed sword we had hanging in my childhood home, and then later in my apartment in Hamilton when I moved back after Laurier?

5.  I sometimes, mostly, often prefer that people stop talking to me. hahaha (No, really.)

6. Every story I’m working on, be it horror fiction or creative nonfiction, bleeds from my soul. And…

7.  I’m so hardcore, I make you want to start a band. (See Love Fame Tragedy)


I’m so hardcore
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