Self-absorbed people suck

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
And I’ll say it publicly. I’m not ashamed to say it.

Self-absorbed people suck.


But these days, I’ll pointedly direct my vitriol. I feel differently about the sentiment and what it means to be self-absorbed than when I first openly proclaimed it.
You see, when I was in grad school for the first time — I’m a repeat offender, I wrote an article for the graduate newspaper that rather blatantly disseminated my feelings on this topic. Big mistake.

(To read the middle and end of this rant, and to understand what I mean and that I'm not completely horrible, please go to Medium.)

I can say loudly and clearly that the self-absorbed, media-hungry celebrity families that are constantly being shoved in our faces on social media and television definitely suck. Those who make everything about them, those who get famous because of their backsides, those who act like they’re the proverbial second coming of Christ and get TV shows chronicling every stupid move they make. Those self-absorbed people suck and don’t deserve our time.

Self-absorbed people suck
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