La Sinistre

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Isaac McCallum knows too intimately the struggles of being born into an ultra-Catholic family. His saintly mother, Angelica, is convinced that Isaac’s left-handedness makes him a deviant sinner. Because the Bible clearly cites the association between evil and “the left” (or “la sinistre” in Latin), she fears Isaac will be unfit in the eyes of God on Judgement Day. The more Angelica struggles to reform her son, the more Isaac turns away, turns to La Sinistre.
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This short story explores themes of religious fanaticism, family dynamics, and art.

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Jennifer Timer grew up idolizing Stephen King, John Saul, Anne Rice, and John Farris. Sleepless high school nights were spent devouring scary novels then churning out her own works of horror and suspense. These days, Jennifer writes from a different place of fear, influenced by the terror of being a grown-up with a family.
Jennifer Timer is a horror and creative nonfiction writer based out of Port Moody, BC.

La Sinistre

1 review for La Sinistre

  1. Joe Armstrong (verified owner)

    Congrats on your first book it was fantastic! Loved all the details.

    • Jennifer Timer

      Thanks so much, Joe! I’m honoured, and thanks for giving my first review.

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