Bell Lets Talk Mental Health

Let's Talk about Mental Health

As today is January 31, 2018, it's Bell's Let's Talk Day for Mental Health. I am in no way affiliated with Bell but I sure am affiliated with mental health so I wanted to talk about it.

One thing that you'll notice as we go through this journey together is that mental health peppers all my stories. It's not just a theme - it's a driver, especially for my creative nonfiction stories (although, let's face it, both Isaac and Angelica definitely have mental health issues in La Sinistre). You'll see anxiety, unipolar and bipolar depression, PTSD, post-partum depression, and borderline personality disorder - and those are just the ones that I am certain of so far. An astute reader will notice that I speak about mental health in a few particular ways - as someone living with mental health issues, as someone who loves people with mental health issues, and as someone who has spent years working in mental health. You'll learn more about me and my stories as we go but, suffice it to say, if you live with mental health concerns, you are not alone.

Talk to me, if you need someone.

Need help now? Call or the Canadian Mental Health Association. Or dial 9-1-1 if you are in immediate danger.

Bell Let’s Talk Day for Mental Health
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